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Ashok Kantoor & Co., the Twenty One-year-old company that offers the best Professional Services to variety of clients in India and abroad. We work with dedication, in order to serve our clients efficiently and provide quality services.
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Services We Offer :

Fema / RBI Related Services

We provide Fema / RBI Related Services :
  • Compliance of the procedure including chartered Accountants Certification for repatriation of income / assets from India
  • Making applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents and Non Residents in India and outside India.
  • Making application to Reserve Bank of India for purchase / sale of residential and commercial property including renting out of property.
  • Any specific advice required in relation to FEMA / RBI matters

You need to inform us your requirement on Email and we shall ask you to provide us necessary information to complete the procedure. We shall complete the relevant application forms and send it to you on Email. You shall download the application form, sign and post/courier it to us to take care of rest of the formalities.

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